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When it's all said and done, quite a bit of successful baseball hitting will come down to what your personal preference is because you are the one who must feel comfortable at the plate. However, there are some very good starting points.


1. Stand close enough to the plate so that when you're bent over slightly at the waist, you can extend the bat and still reach the outside corner of the plate.


2. As far as your baseball stance, make believe its basketball and you're guarding another player. This will give you a very good foundation to encourage effective Baseball Hitting Lessons. Your weight should be on the balls of your feet, and you should be leaning slightly toward home plate.


3. Relax and let the air out. Tension is a hitter's worst enemy.


4. Grip the bat where the fingers meet the hands. Not the palms. Use a medium grip because a tight grip will slow down your bat speed.


5. Your head should be facing the pitcher and completely relaxed, just as if you are watching television. Watch the pitcher's cap, as it is a very good point to focus your eyes on because it is close to where the pitcher will be releasing the ball. Your eyes will not have to refocus.


6. The height of the back elbow should be lined up a little lower than the back shoulder. Please don't listen to that old cliché that's been hollered out for decades to "keep your back elbow up." To have your back elbow up by your back ear works well for very few hitters and I really wish that parents and coaches will stop hollering that out to hitters. Start just below shoulder height and then you decide for yourself if you want to raise it or lower it! All these you can learn by undergoing Private Baseball Lessons Near Me.


7. When the pitcher breaks his hands apart, shift your eyes from the pitcher's cap to the pitcher's window. (His window is simply where he releases the ball.) Go back and load up by cocking the wrists and the hips a split second before the pitcher releases the ball.


8. As the pitcher is releasing the ball, stride forward with your weight about 70% back on the inside of the back leg and about 30% on your front foot.


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